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Spiritual Enrichment in Louisiana


     Louisiana Presbyterian Pilgrimage (LPP for short) is a purposefully designed method for renewing the faith of individuals, and through the individuals, the environments in which they live and work.

     Pilgrimage is a weekend designed for members of the Presbyterian Church or any other denomination committed to Christ and His church.  It is not designed to convert from unbelief to belief.  It is not advised for those in the middle of a major life crisis.

     The goal of a Pilgrimage is to encourage Christians, to help them grow in their lives of faith, and to increase both their awareness of grace and their desire to serve Christ in His church and the world.  A staff of lay people and clergy who have previously attended a Pilgrimage, Cursillo, or similar event also attend the weekend.

     A Pilgrimage is designed to enrich relationships, whether single or married.  Married couples are encouraged to attend together.  They will not participate as a couple, so if joint attendance is not possible, the spouse who can attend is encouraged to do so.

Our next Pilgrimage Weekend, LPP #14, will be May 31 – June 3, 2018

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Cursillo and Pilgrimage — Almost identical.  Presbyterian Cursillo was limited to members of the Presbyterian Church.  Presbyterian Pilgrimage is open to all Christian Denominations.  Everything else is the same.  We are now Pilgrimage and welcome all Christians!